Goldsby's Retriever & Obedience Training

Dan Goldsby through years of experience handling retrievers and other dogs provides both basic and advanced training for your favorite hunting companion or house pet. Dan will work hard to make your Retriever both a great hunter and an obedient family companion.

OBEDIENCE Training which includes basic commands like:
  • Sit
  • Come
  • Heel and
  • Stay
Also ADVANCED Training is available as follows:

  • Force Fetch
  • Whistle Commands
  • Hand Signals
  • Multiple Marks
  • Hunt Test Competitions

Monthly rates are very reasonable. Remember our motto start em' early and train em' often to obtain the best results. Please call any of the numbers below or e-mail Dan @ for more information.

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Goldsby's Retriever & Obedience Training

Daniel Goldsby
P.O. Box 1441
Amite, Louisiana 70422

Home: 504-747-8586
Pager: 504-880-3956
Cell: 504-517-0773